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Методическая разработка урока «Экологические проблемы»

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TitleМетодическая разработка урока «Экологические проблемы»
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Методическая разработка урока

«Экологические проблемы»

7 класс

Учебная задача:

Совершенствование навыков монологической и диалогической речи.

Развивающая задача:

Развивать память, умение обобщать, делать выводы.

Познавательная задача:

Познакомить с национальными парками США, Британии.

Воспитательная задача:

Формирование чувства любви к природе и ответственности за ее сохранение.

Оснащение урока:

Рисунки, таблицы, лозунги, карта Белогорска, аудиозапись.
Ход урока 1.

Организационный момент урока

Ha доске лозунги: Help to keep all water clean! Don't leave litter! Don't take flowers and plants! Don't disturb animals! Etc.

2. Teacher: Our topic is "Ecological problems" at the and of the lesson we must answer the question. Can you help to save the planet? So, what do you think, what are global ecological problems today?

Pupils: There are: acid rain, deforestation, polluted air and water, greenhouse effect.


And what is the most important problem?


We think it's pollution.

Teacher: Why?


There is a lot of pollution from transport, factories and plants, litter is thrown away.

We don't follow three rules:




3. Teacher:

Now, let's make short dialogues, using such words and phrases: I'm afraid of; I'm worried, are you worried? Do you find? I'm afraid of... etc. I give you five minutes. (Учащиеся готовятся, затем рассказывают диалоги)

4. Teacher:

There are a lot of national parks, all over the world and people take a great care of animals there. Have you ever been at a national park?


No, we haven't.


Now, some pupils will tell you about national parks of the U.K and the USA.

(Обучающиеся по очереди рассказывают)

Pupil 1:

America was the first country in starting up "National Parks" beginning with Yellowstone in 1872. By now this and a dozen other parks together cover a small fragment of the whole area of western mountains. Long before 1872 W. Word worth, the great English poet suggested that his native Lake District should become a special place. But only in 1949 the first national park in England and Wales was founded. Now there are ten national parks in England and Wales which cover 9% of the land area. 90 mln visitors come to national parks every year. The first aim of national parks is to protect the countryside.

Pupil 2:

The USA is a larger country than Britain, that's why it has more regions to protect. The "Great Smoky Mountains", the "Grand Canyon" and "Yellowstone Park" are the most popular national parks in the USA. The Everglades, Florida, is one of the most interesting places. Some time ago hunters killed alligators for their skin and birds for their meat there. That was awful. If you visit the Everglades now, you can see a moving log. It's probably an alligator. Be careful. It can be dangerous. The Everglades is protected as a national park.

Pupil 3:

The Lake District in the north west of England is the largest national park. It is popular with walkers, cyclists, and people who go boating. It is one of the most beautiful and attractive places. It has Windermere, the longest lake in England, and Scuffle, the highest mountain in England. The Lake District was unknown until the end of the 18th century.

5. Teacher:

Our settlement is also a beautiful place but we don't protect it properly. Now I want you to describe our settlement.

Pupil (Рассказывают о посёлке)

Our settlement is small but modern. The houses are five - storied with all conveniences. There is hot and cold running water, central heating. There are a lot of shops. There is a big House of Culture. The main industry is mining. The nature is wonderful, fresh air. The settlement is surrounded by a large forest and hills. It stands on the river Shaltir. In the forest there are many berries, mushrooms and rare animals. I love my settlement very much.

6. Teacher:

Yes, our settlement is really nice but some people damage nature.

(на доске карта поселка с местами, обозначенными 8О8)

Далее обучающиеся высказывают свои мнения, рассказывают о

загрязненных местах.



I want to say about the area near our cemetery. I'm simply indignant. This

territory is so polluted, yuck! There are a lot of papers, bottles, cans, broken

machines there. I think that people, who behave themselves like this, don't respect

dead and it is vandalism.

7. Teacher:

Now look at the picture and decide what the wise Owl is saying.

Owl: you mustn't cross a field without a path. You must find a path. Etc.

(Идёт работа по картинке)

8. Teacher:

So, what should we do to save our planet?


We should protect nature

Reduce pollution Reuse and recycle things Keep water, air, clean etc. We shouldn't disturb animals Cut trees Leave litter etc.

9. Teacher:

And now say, what do you do concretely to solve the problem?


We plant trees and flowers around our school, clean the school's territory, make bird's tables and feed birds. We organize different meetings celebrations, paint pictures about nature, write compositions, and recite poems. Etc.

10. Teacher:

By the way, does anybody know poems on our topic?


Sure. (учащиеся читают стихи) Например:

Look at the litter on the street.

Look at the stumps of the cut down trees.

Look at the pollution in the air.

Look at the way we just don't care! Etc.

11. Teacher:

Now listen to the song!

(учащиеся прослушивают песню, записанную на кассету, на экологическую


What's the main idea of this song?


The main idea is that all the mankind must solve the ecological problem and if we

do it all together we'll cop2wim it.


So, what do you think, did we answer the question which I asked your at the

beginning of our lesson?

Pupils: Sure.

12. Итоги урока.

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